S.O.S. Programs


Program Summary


Since 1992 the Save Our Springs Alliance has combined science and economics with legal expertise to advocate for preserving Barton Springs and managing Austin’s urban development. The crown jewel of Austin’s beautiful and diverse natural heritage, Barton Springs and its source, the Edwards Aquifer, are both an indicator and a symbol of Austin’s quality of life. These waters are extremely vulnerable to pollution from urban development, and degradation already affects both swimmers and wildlife. Our city and our springs will thrive and prosper only if our region directs development toward sustainable practices that protect our air, water, wildlife, and quality of life for everyone.


As the only consistent voice for Barton Springs and for the health and stewardship of our region, Save Our Springs Alliance focuses on these integrated program areas:


  •  Education and Outreach

  •  Land and Water Stewardship

  •  Legal Advocacy for Aquifer Protection

  •  Preserving Biodiversity

  •  Sustainable Transportation