Barton Springs

Barton Springs is renowned for its beauty and tranquility in the heart of America's 17th largest city. An oasis of clear, cool water bubbles out of the limestone along the Balcones Escarpment, providing recreation and relief for humans and habitat for fish, salamanders, and other aquatic species.

Barton Springs remains around 70 degrees F year round, as water entering the Edwards Aquifer moves underground and equalizes in temperature to the rock and caves it moves through.

Barton Springs is the 4th largest spring in Texas. There are four springs that comprise Barton Springs. However, most people know the Springs from the main spring, which supplies water for the famous Barton Springs Pool. Over 400,000 people per year visit Barton Springs, and we invite you to take a swim. Barton Springs Pool is open year round from 5AM to 10PM, except on Thursdays, when regular cleanings limit swimming to 5AM-9AM and 7PM-10PM. Storms and floods sometimes result in temporary closings of the Springs. You can call the Barton Springs hotline at (512) 867-3080 to check on the status.