Archived Newsletters

Barton Springs Pool is closed from flooding. According to the USGS gauges, creek flow jumped up from zero to over alt1,800 cubic feet per second (cfs) over night. The rains and recharge will boost aquifer levels and spring flows for months ahead. In the short term, the pool is closed and spring flows will remain murky for some time.

Important water news

Last week the online Texas Tribune published an important piece by environmental reporter Neena Satija making clear that piping water in from the Carrizo Wilcox aquifer to cities on the I-35 corridor is not quite the "quick fix" that private water sellers and some elected officials are claiming. San Antonio is actively considering a proposal to purchase water from a the Carrizo at a cost of $2 to $3 billion for its rate payers. This summer Austin's Water Resources Planning Task Force recommended against Austin's participation in any large-scale water importation scheme.

Are you a NIMBY?

On Sunday the Austin American-Statesman published a guest editorial by altAustin developer Ed Wendler on growth, traffic, and the common epithet thrown at environmentalists and neighborhood leaders, "NIMBY."   Please take a few minutes to read it here, republished on the Hill Country Alliance website. This is one of very best editorial columns we have seen in many years. We hope it will open the door for people to think and talk about both the costs and benefits of growth and how we might manage growth for a more sustainable, affordable, and healthy Austin.   One astute neighbor seeks to reframe NIMBY as "SNIMBY," Something Nice In My Backyard. We love it!

Historic Austin Election on Tap

As most folks know, on November 4th there is an historic election for Austin - the first time Austin voters will choose city council members and a mayor under a new "10-1" single member district system. There are 78 candidates in the 11 races: every voter will have the opportunity to cast a ballot for mayor and for a candidate in their district. We encourage every Austin voter (or potential voter) who cares about Barton Springs and the future of Austin to educate themselves on where the candidates stand on water, energy, and development issues, and to support those candidates who are committed to protecting our water, land, wildlife and climate. The deadline to register to vote in the November election is October 6th.

As a nonprofit charity, SOS Alliance does not take any actions to support or oppose candidates for public office, but we do -and will in the weeks ahead - encourage everyone to participate in this important election. A good starting point is the City's 10-1 information webpage.


Austin's Water Watchdog

altSave Our Springs Alliance is the only watchdog organization working full time with scientists, lawyers, and educators to protect the land, water and wildlife of the Hill Country and the Edwards Aquifer Ecosystem. We simply cannot do this work without the continued support of donors like you. Please consider becoming a member today! Thank you for your consideration. Click HERE to make your donation online or mail to: SOS, 905 W. Oltorf, Ste A, Austin, TX 78704.