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pdf Letter to Mayor, Council, City Manager, PARD to halt parking lot in Zilker Popular


May 20, 2018 Letter to:
Hon. Steve Adler, Mayor,
Hon. Kathie Tovo, Mayor Pro Tem,
Members of Council,
Spencer Cronk, City Manager,
Kimberly McNeeley, Acting Parks & Recreation Dept. Director, and
Mike Personette, Watershed Protection Dept. Director

Re: Request to halt immediately the rush to pave a giant parking lot in Zilker Park

pdf 2017 Year End Letter Popular


pdf Letter to Mayor & Council on Item 29 Dripping Springs Sewage Discharge Permit Popular


The Austin City Council is set to hear testimony and take action on a settlement proposed by City Staff that would have the City of Austin agreeing to Dripping Springs' proposed discharge of up to 995,000 gallons  per day of sewage into Onion Creek.  This public hearing we take place on or sometime after 5:00 p.m. today, December 7, 2017. Here is the letter of this morning from SOS Alliance, Save Barton Creek Association, and the Austin Group of the Sierra Club opposing the settlement.  The terms of the proposed settlement were only released yesterday afternoon.

document May, 2015 Letter to Membership Popular


It was 26 years ago when the nation’s largest water polluter, mining giant Freeport McMoRan, pushed a 4,000 acre “planned unit development” for the banks of Barton Creek. Austin has changed a lot since then, but our springs keep flowing strong and safe for swimming.


Read the letter to SOS membership from May, 2015 which highlights the 1990 All Night Hearing that started the SOS movement.

pdf Letter from Environmental Groups Opposing Vista Ridge Pipeline Popular


Save Our Springs Alliance, along with Clean Water Action, Environment Texas, and Environmental Stewardship, submitted a letter of opposition to the Texas Water Development Board on Friday, against the application by San Antonio Water System (SAWS) and Central Texas Regional Water Supply Corporation for SWIFT funds that would finance construction of the Vista Ridge pipeline, the proposed 142-mile water pipeline that would ship over 16 billion gallons of groundwater from Burleson County to San Antonio every year.

pdf Comments from SOS to CTRMA Popular


Letter from SOS to Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority
Re: Comments to be considered and entered into the official public record of public comments associated with the November 10th, 2015 “Open House” on the proposed MoPac South toll project and the six variations of toll lane options proposed for consideration; we choose “None of the above” (which is not the same as “do nothing”)

pdf Letter from City to TxDot on SH45 Popular


Letter from City Manager, Marc Ott asking TxDot to withdraw the DEIS on SH 45 SW until document can be more fully completed with consideration of pending critical environmental studies and an evaluation of alternatives

pdf letter to Judge Biscoe and County Commissioners concerning SH 45 SW interlocal agreement Popular


Letter to Judge Biscoe and County Commissioners asking them to postpone Item 23, Interlocal Agreement on SH45SW

pdf Letter to SAWS Board Urging Protection for San Felipe and Las Moras Springs Popular


Save Our Springs Alliance joins other groups urging protection for San Felipe and Las Moras Springs –San Felipe Springs, located just north of the Rio Grande in Del Rio, is the third largest spring in Texas, and home to the endangered Devils River Minnow. Like San Felipe, Las Moras Springs, at Fort Clark in Brackettville, is another major spring fed by the Edwards-Trinity Aquifer that flows to the Rio Grande. Drought and groundwater pumping have already significantly diminished San Felipe and Las Moras spring flows. The San Antonio Water System (SAWS) has been evaluating a proposal from the V.V. Water Company to ship groundwater pumped from land located above these springs in Val Verde and Kinney counties to San Antonio to supplement SAWS’s Edwards Aquifer supplies. This week SOS Alliance joined the Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation and other conservation and Del Rio community groups in a letter to the SAWS Board stating very clearly that there is no “excess” groundwater in Kinney and Val Verde counties for export to San Antonio.   The letter also urges SAWS to redouble its commitment to water efficiency and reuse to meet water needs of the city.

document Coalition Letter to City Council Against Water Rate Increases Popular


A broad coalition of consumer, environmental, low-income, and faith-based advocates delivered a letter to City Council August 25th against proposed water rate spikes that will hurt working families the most and discourage conservation with increased fixed fees and urging that rate increases be shifted to those who use (or waste) the most amount of water.  

document Request to City Council for Outside Audit of WTP4 Popular


Letter of request to City Council for further time out on Water Treatment Plant No. 4 and for outside audit of the project and MWH’s bidding on and management of the project.

pdf WTP4 Joint Letter to Council Popular


Request from Austin Sierra Club, Clean Water Action, Environment Texas, Save Our Springs Alliance and Stop the Shafts to the City Council seeking the audit and pause in construction of the plant. 

pdf Aleshire Email To BSEACD Popular