The second ever Barton Springs University scored a big win for water literacy and fun.  Check out the photos here and this great piece from KUT radio. The Statesman's Asher Price gave some nice coverage as well. 

Thank you to everyone who participated-students, teachers, partners, sponsors, lifeguards, speakers, volunteers, musicians - everyone! The weather was perfect, the springs gushing strong and clear, the instructors and activity guides amazing, the sponsors and partners generous, and the students, teachers, and other attendees appreciative and attentive. 


Last year we hosted about 430 high school students from area schools, most attending with their environmental science teachers. This year over 800 high school students attended. It was great mix of learning, swimming, and connecting with others who are interested in our region's water resources and Barton Springs in particular.

We extend a special thanks to our keynote speakers, Dr. Dean Hendrickson and Dr. Andrew Sansom. Dr. Hendrickson's address, "Get Eel Austin: The Whole Truth About the Weirdest Fish In Town" taught us a lot about this "stranger than fiction" fish that is commonly seen in Barton Springs. Perhaps most surprising is how little we know about American eels in Texas rivers and streams.

If you've ever seen or caught an eel in the wild in Texas, please contact Dean at the link and give him the details. The records are spotty and every point of observation is helpful. Check out Dr. Hendrickson's paper and power point presentation on what is known and not known about American eels in Texas here.

Find out more at the Barton Springs University website. Again thank you to everyone who graduated with Barton Springs University's Class of 2016!