Regulatory Exemptions and Grandfathering

Land developers in Texas have been successful in circumventing science-based water quality regulations that are necessary to protect our fragile Edwards Aquifer watersheds. Developers have gone to the Texas Legislature and lobbied for "grandfathering" bills that exempt their developments from complying with current rules. Many cities, including the City of Austin, have refused to argue in court that these exemptions pose a threat to the health, safety, and welfare of our natural resources and quality of life.

The San Antonio Express News wrote an in-depth report on developers' use and abuse of grandfathering.

Thousands of houses and apartments along with millions of square feet of commercial development have been built under weaker, less protective ordinances, resulting in more pollution for the Edwards Aquifer and its Great Springs.

Reform is needed to get developers to follow the law, for example the Save Our Springs Ordinance in Austin.