Water Conservation and Re-use

Water is a precious resource that we would be wise not to waste. Unfortunately, here in Austin we are very wasteful with water, averaging over 185 gallons per person per day of water use. The State of Texas set a goal for cities of 140 gallons per person per day.

The City of Austin and ground water districts that regulate pumping out of the Edwards Aquifer (including the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Conservation District and the Edwards Aquifer Authority) must step up water conservation policies to prevent dry springs and rivers in Central Texas.

Whether your drinking water comes from a river, lake, or underground aquifer, we can all take steps to reduce our use.  Cities, water supply corporations, businesses, and individuals can all help protect spring flows by reducing consumption of water. There are many easy ways to help reduce consumption. Here are a few:

Replace old shower heads and toilets with new models that use less water

Adjust your toilet to use less water per flush

Capture rain water off your roof for use

Check your water lines to make sure they aren't leaking; repair any leaks

Don't water your lawn during the hot parts of the day

Use native plants in landscaping

If all water users in the Edwards Aquifer region committed to reducing consumption, we will save billions of dollars that won't have to be spent on new water development projects (like dams, uphill water transmission lines, and treatment plants).